Cloud Hosted FreePBX

We do cloud hosted FreePBX a little different than most.  SMBTexas is an integrator, not a provider.  We don’t resell the hosting environment or the telecom fees.  You will not be charged by the user, device, or trunk for our services.

We instead help you set up your own hosting environment so you maintain total control, oversight and cost management.  Need more CPU, memory, or storage?  No problem, you pay for that directly.  No Markup.

We’ll help you select and configure SIP trunks from as many providers as you want, and advise and help you on the porting process (moving your phone numbers, if needed).  You’ll pay the trunk provider(s) directly, keeping your costs low.  No Markup.

We explain the best practices for security and ease of management, then configure your environment.  We can help you onboard your people and phones and do interoperability testing.  Need commercial modules for FreePBX?  We install the FreePBX Distro, meaning you have access to commercial modules, the Sangoma free Endpoint Manager, as well as all of the other commercial modules for FreePBX.  We’ll advise you on them and you’ll pay for them directly.  No Markup.

Need us to just deploy cloud hosted FreePBX and leave you to manage it?  No problem.  Want us to manage it?  Also no problem.  Every client is different and we will work with you, not against you, for you to have the best outcome.

Why Cloud Hosted PBX?

One of the (many) advantages of VoIP compared to traditional phone systems is the ability to decouple telecom services from any particular physical location.  This means increased availability and resiliency, flexibility, and function, all while reducing costs.

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