Texas FreePBX Hosting

Having a nearby host for your FreePBX server is a great solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. While we all like the uptime, lack of hardware, and baked-in support of hosting in the cloud, having your PBX instance on the East or West coast slightly adds the chance of outages that can affect your business and your ability to service you customers. Running your own server on your hardware can help, but now you have to have staff or contractors that can support your local hardware. Cloud hosting, but having it nearby, is the answer.

SMB Texas can host full FreePBX instances in Dallas on a carrier-grade network, with full access to all of Sangoma's FreePBX Commercial Modules. While you can create a virtual machine in many different providers, they typically are not full-fledged installs of the FreePBX distro, which is required for Commercial Modules. We've solved this problem and have instances ready to go quickly to meet your needs. You can enjoy the Endpoint Manager, Systems Admin, and the rest of the commerical modules in your own nearby instance, giving you absolutely the best of all worlds with running FreePBX for your business.

We are FreePBX Experts

SMB Texas has worked with FreePBX for more than 15 years, and Asterisk (the underlying PBX software) for almost 20. We run commerical, mission-critical instances of FreePBX for national and international clients, along with building custom modules and integrations between your PBX and your CRM, your website, or almost anything else. We can extend FreePBX well beyond what is available out-of-the-box, while maintaining the ease-of-use of the entire ecosystem.

Our extensive knowledge of FreePBX, along with being Texans, make us the perfect partner for you. Please use the button below to contact us, or give us a call or text us at 713-909-0123. We look forward to building your next PBX right here in Texas!

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